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Budget Exhaust (FBD) 5″ Straight Pipe

Application: 03-04 Dodge 5.9L

Availability: In stock


MANUFACTURER: Farmboys Diesel

OUR PRICE $415.80

Product Description

FBD exhausts are turbo back systems made with 16-gauge, aluminized steel piping. The system has undergone the mandrel bending process to eliminate air flow resistance and maintain a consistent inside diameter. Get the results you demand for the price you want with the FBD Budget Exhaust Kit!

Hangers come with this system.

Be sure to read instructions when installing the kit.

FAQs for Budget Exhaust (FBD) 5" Straight Pipe

Q: Is this product available to be shipped to Canada? Price? Thanks.
— Asked by Ryan on April 6, 2015
A: Any product, including this one, is available to ship to Canada. Please email or call for an exact shipping quote and estimated delivery time.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: do you happen to know if this down pipe will line up to a bd diesel twin set up?the kit came with its own down pipe when installed. the down pipe now has a pin hole so i will need to replace that also.
— Asked by chuck nardelli on April 26, 2015
A: The downpipe that comes with the BD twin kit is proprietary so you'll need to contact them for a replacement. The downpipe in this kit is design to hook to the factory exhaust elbow
— Jenni Farmer
Q: Is the down pipe a true 5 inch?
— Asked by Davey on May 12, 2015
A: 04.5+ kits come with a 5in downpipe.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: Is the down pipe for 03-04.5 a 4"?
— Asked by Hunter Wheeler on December 15, 2015
A: 03-04 is a 4in downpipe.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: What down pipe comes with the 03-04 kits
— Asked by Hunter Wheeler on December 17, 2015
A: All manufacturers of 03-04 5in exhaust kits run a 4in downpipe; steps up to 5in in eht e04.5+ newer kits.
— Jenni Farmer

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