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Dodge Cummins 12 V Injector Nozzles

Application: 94-98 Dodge 12V

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MANUFACTURER: Farmboys Diesel

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Product Description

94-98 Dodge Cummins 12V 5 Hole Nozzles

5×12 = 90 hp
5×14 = 140hp
5×16 = 200hp

FAQs for Dodge Cummins 12 V Injector Nozzles

Q: How hot will the 90hp nozzles run on a stock 97 12v? Will it be to much for towing ?
— Asked by Chris on March 2, 2015
A: Could depend on supporting mods and plate position in the pump but these are the first step above stock injectors so they are manageable in a towing situation.
— Jenni Farmer

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