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Dodge Cummins 24V Injector Nozzles

Application: 98.5-02 Dodge 24V

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MANUFACTURER: Farmboys Diesel

OUR PRICE $215.00

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Product Description

98.5-02 Dodge 24V 7 Hole Injector Nozzles

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FAQs for Dodge Cummins 24V Injector Nozzles

Q: i have stock insectors in my 24 valuve will these 100hp fit in to my stock insectors and also work corectly and also make alot more smoke with a edge jucie progrmer installed.
— Asked by garrett mclean on March 16, 2015
A: Yes they will fit and they will provide more fuel with the edge juice unit installed.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: is this a set of 6 nozzles, and will i have to pop test my injectors if i put 100 hp nozzles in?
— Asked by dylan clark on March 23, 2015
A: This price is for a complete set of 6 nozzles. It is best to have pop pressure set when changing nozzles in order for the injector to work efficiently.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: i have 40 horse over stock injectors my question is is will these nozzles give me 150hp at the wheels and will they install into the injectors i have
— Asked by Blake Bailey on March 4, 2015
A: HP ratings for injectors and nozzles are flywheel rated hp levels. The nozzles will also install on the injectors that you have but will need the pop pressures set for them to run correctly.
— Jenni Farmer

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