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Adjustable Timing P7100 Injection Pump Gear

Application: 94-98 Dodge 12V *Requires Core

Availability: In stock



OUR PRICE $395.00

Core Charge *

Product Description

Cummins 5.9 Adjustable Timing P7100 Injection Pump Gear

Adjustable gear allows for 40 degrees of timing adjustment in 2 degree increments. Comes with the key required to key the hub to the pump shaft. This purchase requires a core gear to be shipped in as well.  Please contact us at 704-290-2289 or saybyered@yahoo.com on availability and details before you order.  Thank you.

FAQs for Adjustable Timing P7100 Injection Pump Gear

Q: Poasible to buy it and send my gear when i receive/install this one? Also what would be the price shipped to quebec canada?? Ill take one for sure.. and maybe a total of 3 for friends.. Thanks
— Asked by Mathieu Pelletier on April 4, 2015
A: When purchasing, you'll need to pay the core charges up front in order for the order to be complete; once cores are returned, those charges will be refunded. For specific shipping, please call or email directly.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: Do you have these gears in stock or do I need to send mine in first? I would like to be able to swap the gear without having the truck down while I wait for the gear to be machined. Please let me know. Thanks.
— Asked by jeremy on May 5, 2015
A: When placing the order, if you pay for the core charge your new gear will ship immediately and you'll return your current gear to receive the core refund.
— Jenni Farmer
Q: Is the p7100 adjustable gear $350 before or after core?
— Asked by Andrew on May 21, 2015
A: The core charge is added to the $350 so it's the price before the core.
— Jenni Farmer

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